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Payment After Rank

“Payment After Rank” is a unique offer by BEONTOP, which is not being offered anywhere else in the SEO industry. It proves to be the most transparent billing for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai.


Google search results shows the first ten results, on the first page. These top ten positions are further divided into three phases:


After Selection of key-phrases to target for your website, we will price per day for the keywords according to the competition levels for all the three divisions of top ten search results. For the topmost division of 1st page ranking (Positions 1-3) the price would be higher than the second division (Position 4-5) and price per day for second division would be higher for third division. (Position 6-10).

For Example, let’s take two key-phrases “Business Set up in Dubai“ & “Business set up Dubai”, their per day pricing would be

Keyword Positions 1–3 Positions 4–5 Positions 6–10
Business Set up in Dubai AED 6 Per Day AED 5 Per Day AED 4 Per Day
Business Set up Dubai AED 4 Per Day AED 3 Per Day AED 2 Per Day

We can set up as many keywords and key-phrases you would like.


You will be billed only of you are in the top 10 positions for search results for your relevant keyword.

For example, with respect to the keyword “ Business Set up in Dubai”, if your website is ranked at 10th position for three days in a month, then you will be billed for only three days for the relevant keyword. i.e. AED 4 x 3 days = AED 12.

Likewise, you bill will be generated at the end of month, based on the performance and positions in search engine results throughout the billing period.

Here is an Example of billing, for the first five days of a month.

Keywords Pricing per day (AED) position on date of month  
1 2 3 4 5 Sub total
Business Set up in Dubai AED 6 AED 5 AED 4 11th 11th 10th 9th 6th AED 12
Business Set up Dubai 4 3 2 9th 8th 6th 5th 3rd AED 13
Total AED 25


The eligibility for payment after rank offer, depends on the quality of your website. There are various factors, which affect the quality, this include the content on your webpage, your webpage structure, your source code algorithms. We will conduct a free audit of your website in order to decide the eligibility of your website for this offer.

Even if you fail to pass the eligibility criteria, you can still avail the payment after rank offer by putting in Refundable deposit at the time of signing a contract. This deposit would serve as a cushion for us to correct all the errors in your website and improve the quality. If the contract is terminated before the expiry date, then the deposit amount will not be refunded, if not, the security amount will be refunded at the end of the contract term.

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQ ]

I have been cheated before by other companies for SEO, why is this offer any different?

We understand that there are a lot of malpractices in SEO industry; therefore in Payment after rank you pay for only the results. Also we include the following in the contract:

  • We guarantee that your website will not be put into Google Black list. If the same happens, we will have all the responsibility to have the ban removed.
  • Any Deposits Made would be refunded if we fail to meet the guarantees mentioned in the contract.

How can I verify my positions in search engine results?

you will be provided with a link, and access to real-time reports, so that you can view your positions in the search results ranking on daily basis.

Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely NOT!, there are no hidden charges taken from you, in Payment After Rank. You will be charged only for results.

What is the minimum period SEO Contract I have to do?

We Strongly recommend that you do a one-year contract for Search Engine Optimization.

What sort of results should I expect from Payment After Rank?

We guarantee that we will increase your rankings to 1st page of Google for 15% of your selected keywords within 90 days, 50% within 180 days, and 80% to 90% within one Year.

Can my Website be banned from

that’s often the case with people who don’t seem to have rankings for their website despite having a company do SEO for them, we ensure that no malpractices are used in promoting your website, no SPAM etc. Therefore, we guarantee that your website will not get banned while doing SEO with BE ON TOP DMCC.

How do I avail this fantastic offer for my business?

it’s very simple, drop us an e-mail, submit feedback form, or just simply call our office to talk to our experts who can bring more clients to your business.

Case Studies

Key-phrase Position
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dubai rent luxury car 2
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luxury rent a car in dubai 2
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mobile tyre repair dubai 2
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tyre change dubai 3

Key-phrase Position
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dubai wedding planners 4
Key-phrase Position
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driver supply 2
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Key-phrase Position
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auto lease dubai 8
dubai car leasing 2
Key-phrase Position
salon products in dubai 1
salon products in uae 2
salon supplier in dubai 2
salon supplies in dubai 3
online salon store in dubai 1

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