BEONTOP Company News

05.03.2017 DMOZ, 18 Years of Legacy Coming To An End

DMOZ, leaves behind an undying legacy of 18 years for the generations to cherish.  An online digital directory, founded 18 years ago, in the United States has brought together, the people from across the globe. 

13.10.2015 We Got 100% Keywords on the Top for 13 days

Believe it or not! These are real results. All keywords in the first page in 13 days. This is possible only with BeOnTOP, the most trusted SEO company in the UAE.

21.04.2015 Google Update and Mobile-Friendly Websites

As Business Insider specialists say, the update of Google web search algorithms is going to affect non mobile-friendly websites and lower their positions in the SERP.

07.01.2015 Our new branch in Dubai

"BEONTOP" Company has now opened its new and main branch in Dubai for its SEO services.We available to answer all your inquiries and give you an in-depth information about our SEO services.

01.01.2015 Google Looks CSS and JavaScripts than Ranks Sites

Since 2015 Google has learned to understand good design from bad. Launched a new era of search engines.

05.08.2013 Money from Facebook

Facebook paid more than 1 000 000 dollars to its users.