Characteristics of a Unique Backlink

As a result of result developments from Google’s Penguin, Panda and ‘Pigeon’ updates and the 2013 algorithm Hummingbird, people are wondering;

Are SEO Backlinks Still Useful?

From the inception of Search Engine Optimization and even till date and for as long as SEO will always remain; backlinks are very useful for optimum optimization.

Depending on your approach of backlinks and the way at wish you acquire or earn it, and then you can boldly say it working for you or against you.

Attributes of a Great Backlinks

  • Website URLImportance. The first attribute of a great backlink its Importance. If your website is designed for car-related rental services, it is much easier and valuable for links relating to car rentals and sales to be linked to your sites than unrelated links. Search engine tends to be sure that your website is trusted and related websites help determine that. This doesn’t mean that having a ‘real estate blog’ link to your car rental website means bad, but having links from unrelated sites have possibilities hindering chances of your websites success.
  • Modern. The second attribute of a great backlink how modern or current your links are. This clearly explains that a currently acquired links are more valuable in deciding the algorithm of search engine rankings than older links and this is because search engines are more interested in ranking modern or current and useful websites and if you don’t get link from other websites, it therefore sees your site as obsolete. For this reason, it is highly important to continue with the use of SEO in order to prevent downturn of your results.
  • Authorization. The authorization or jurisdiction of the website pages linking to you is a great determinant. Your websites get reliable web pages links. Google’s Page Rank measures the reliability of the page of a website on a scale. The higher the ranking value of the page linked, the more How to Get Backlinksleading benefit your website will derive from the link. SEO further measures your page  with the use of Page or Domain Authorization metrics tools as Moz and AHRefs and the more reliable your website linking, the greater the authorization that will be moved to your site
  • Review. For a greater and accurate measurement, a search engine as Google can decide between the content of an article and a link from other sources. Search engine specialists are diligently working to better comprehend the situations or circumstances surrounding the use of backlinks. An authentic backlinks signifies the authorization of a website to another.
  • Unforeseen. The most useful backlink is an unforeseen one. The most valuable backlinks are ones gotten by surprise or unexpectedly and this is because the unforeseen backlinks is seen as the purest of them all. The highest recognition your website can get is when its content is wonderfully admired by another site owner who as well wants his/her readers to see the content. Your website rankings are sure to go higher with links as this connecting with yours.

Finally, the ‘authorization’ by a website to another through backlinks simply shows that search engines are a major determinant of how a site is controlled. Search engines are more appointed now than previously to decide and differentiate between an authenticated links with the just explained characteristics and an SEO assembled backlinks. Are there other backlinks characteristics you know that might be of great importance as well?

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