Creating a Working About Us Page

Many online companies face the same problem – difficulties with making an interesting and informative “About us” page. This is one big failure because search engines often show it as the most relevant to many search queries. If you pay some more attention to this page it may result in increased trust and increase in sales. There is nothing special about creating an effective “About us” page. In this article, we will tell you how to do it!

 Here are 8 simple steps that will help you!

First of All – the Audience

About us page of Beontop companyOur mind is arranged in such a way, that we are first of all concerned about our own problems and only then about the problems of others. Don’t follow this logic, when it comes to the “About us” page! Try to be more customer-oriented. This can be done by dedicating the first sentence to your clients and audience, give your readers the facts – not only boasting about the fictional achievements.

Customer Reviews

When you are going to change something in your life, for example, your dentist, you don’t always believe what they say in advertisements. The best way to find an appropriate replacement is to turn to people, that have already tried this service. That is why you should have customer reviews available on the “About Us” page. It would be awesome if you have photos of the clients– it increases the credibility of the reviews.

A Variety of Media Content

Company members working togetherWhen creating the page, you should add as much media information connected with your company, as possible. You can use timelines, videos, photos etc. What photos should you use? Pictures of your team in action, your customers and different events should be enough to form a correct impression.

Tell Something Interesting

If your company exists for a long period of time there should be a plenty of interesting stories to tell your customers. This is the best way to attract visitors. Interesting old photos, memories of the staff members and so on. If you don’t have a rich history – don’t worry. Tell your customers about the events you participate in, about the life of your office, the key elements of your work.

Contact Information

Creating a websiteThe sphere of internet marketing is constantly developing, but some people are still afraid that they can be deceived. To win their trust, you should do a few simple steps:

  • Give your full address. People will find it strange if you will not do it.
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date. If someone can’t reach you because of the old telephone number in the contact info section it can result in loss of trust.
  • The more information you give the better it will be. Give links to all popular social services, where your company is presented.

Feedback is Essential

Ask everyone, who can give you a reasoned review, for a few words about your company. What is special about your services? Why your clients choose you? When there will be enough opinions to make it clear for you what makes you stand out – make sure your clients will see it on the “About us” page.

Test the Page!

There are no magic formulas that will guarantee you the best result when creating a website page. You should always try something new and different – this is the key to success. There are only few pieces of advice that work in all cases: make sure, that the page is well-optimized for all mobile devices, the information is written in accessible way and it is interesting for the visitors!

What Do You Think About It?