How Google Search Engine Works

Google search engines is an instrument relied on as an important part of our present lives, but have we for once thought about how search engine operates? Here is a little description of Google search engine operations order to provide an authentic result from trillions of web pages within few seconds.

Crawling and Indexing

Searching The WebWhenever you search the web with Google, you are truly not searching the web but Google’s index of the web. This Google index contains trillions of distinctive pages and millions of gigabytes data.

Google uses software identified as spiders or web crawlers to uncover publicly accessible website pages. Spiders or web crawlers follow the links on websites and then carries back reports from those pages to the Google servers. The spiders basically goes from one link concentrating on new sites, changes made on existing sites and non-existing links they find.

As reports is been gathered by Google through the process of crawling, it creates an index of the report. The index contains tips relating to the words and where it is located, times of pages publication, other websites links to the pages, whether the pages contain videos or pictures etc.


Website CodeThousands to millions of websites sure do contain vital information. Algorithms are the series of computer actions that interpret your questions into actions to generate answers.

Google’s modern algorithms uses over 200 excellent indicators to best provide you with answers. The indicators include the content of the site, how recent the content of website is, the location of the search and the power of the domain.

Google gets all important information from its index and grades the results in order of importance.

Google frequently changes its algorithms. The changes first starts as plans in minds of Google experts, thereafter the analysis and testing stages and they are then displayed on the internet.

Web Spam

Google AlgorithmGoogle maintains the quality and uniqueness of its searches by continuously fighting web spam. Most of the spams are naturally removed by filtration process of algorithmic, but on other cases, Google looks at suspicious words, and if it’s seen as a spam, it will be manually dealt with.

Google’s algorithm is frequently undated as much as over 400 times yearly. This is significantly carried out in order to be able to fight against the manipulation of search results by SEO experts for their personal benefits.

Search Engine

The is a very significant system designed and seen by Google as the most preferred medium to provide adequate results for over hundred billions of monthly searches.

Are you still confused or having doubts of how Google operates?

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