How to Get and Check List of Indexed URLs on Google in 5 mins?

It is very important to have only right pages indexed on Google. We need to control it every time and it is difficult if your website has more than 100 pages. How to get a list of indexed URLs on Google? 

When we open Google Webmaster / Google Index / Index Status we can see the total amount of indexed pages. But Google doesn't show us a direct URL list. Also, we cannot download it.

Google Webmaster Index Status

We want to share a case how to get and check the list of website indexed pages. You need to spend maximum 5-15 mins for it.

So, we need 4 things:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. RDS bar extension for Google Chrome
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. SEO Frog Application

The Process of getting a list of indexed pages on Google

  1. Go to Google Chrome / More Tools / Extensions / Get more extensions
  2. Type in the search field RDS bar and install it.
  3. When you see RDS bar icon, click right mouse button and click Options.
  4. Open Search Tab / Google Search and choose only Full URLs and click Apply.

    RDS Bar Setting for Full URL
  5. Open in Google Chrome
  6. Type special search keyword. 
    We will get a list of our indexed pages on Google include sub domains. If we need only main domain, type

    Google Special Keyword for Indexed Pages
  7. On the same window click Settings / Search Settings and choose 100 Results per page and click Save

    Google 100 results on the page
  8. You will see 100 results on one Google Page. Copy all you results from all pages to the Excel Sheet.
  9. Click to Sort & Filter / Custom Sort / Sort by Color Font

    Google results copy to Excel

    Excel Custom Sort Filter

    Excel Filter by Font Color
  10. We must add http:// to our URLs for analysis in SEO Frog. In the B column, we need to ad excel formula. 

    Excel Formula to add http for URL

    Copy this list of URLs and paste to SEO Frog application.
  11. Open SEO Frog / Mode / List / Upload / Paste

    SEO Frog Mode List

    Past URLs to SEO Frog
  12.  SEO Frog scan our URLs and we can check their Status Code, Meta Tags, Amount of Content, H1, H2 and other useful parameters.

    Scan URLs by SEO Frog

Thank you for reading, we are very happy to help and share our knowledge. Kindly watch our useful video about this case.

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