How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Today we all understand the importance of business blogging. But as the statistic says there are just few bloggers that know how to optimize their blog posts in order to make them search engine friendly.

The research, made by the specialists of, says that there are only 60% businessmen with blogs and 65% of them haven’t posted a single message on it for the last year! This is strange because the profits of this activity are quite impressive. Here we have collected just a few pieces of advice that will make your blog posts much more effective and search engine friendly. All you need to do is just follow them and you will get noticed!

SEO Tips for Blog Posts

  • First of all you should do the keyword research as it is essential for SEO. The essence of this process is that you should find the words related to the topic of your post and use them there. There are a few services that can make this process quite easy: Google Adwords, Keyword Tool, and service.
  • Use the keywords wisely. Once you have found the appropriate phrases and words, you should use them in the text and title, H1, description and keywords sections. Don’t be too enthusiastic – if there are too many keywords in your text it may become unreadable and receive penalties from Google.
  • Image optimization. If there is a picture or photo in your blog post you should place a description of it in the “alternative text” and the “name” field.  
  • Links to the posts. If you are using any information from other blogs or articles – place a link to these materials in the information field. This is not only a rule of etiquette, but also gives you a possibility to receive a link back.
  • Subscription. Give your readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blog via the RSS or subscription buttons. This will allow them to receive information about your blog updates through e-mail notifications. This is quite convenient because users don’t have to constantly check your website for updates.
  • Social media. You should use social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte and others to create connections with potential clients. If you already have accounts there, here is a simple way to promote your blog. You can be using special services like “Hootsuite” to post links to your new blog posts to all your social network accounts feed and this will attract visitors to your website!
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