How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Business

The Google Plus social network was launched in 2011. Nowadays it has more than 300 million active users and gains popularity day after day. Here you can join different interesting discussions, share news and interesting information with your friends, join video conferences.

You probably wonder how Google+ can be used to promote your business? We have the answer! First of all – it gives you great marketing opportunities. The second thing is that through this social network you can post updates and links to your blog with popular content. Why this network is more effective for SEO than Facebook or Twitter? Mostly it is so because Google indexes your posts and offers a great possibility to increase your website rankings.

Create Your Account

Google Plus circlesOne of the first things to do in G+ is to create your account. It can be easily done by logging in the social network through your Gmail account. Then you should:

  1. Create and update your profile page. Fill in all the fields like name, telephone number, occupation etc. Add a profile picture.
  2. Follow the next step and find an option that offer you to create a business page. There are five categories to choose from when creating it: “local business”, “brand”, “company or organization”, “arts or sports” and “other”.
  3. Fill in the box with all the required information. Now your page is almost ready!
  4. Post some news in your profile.
  5. Don’t forget to add a special widget with +1 icons on your personal website.

How to Get Noticed

  • Ideas for your Google plus accountCreate your own content. This is one of the basic pieces of advice for a business page in Google+. Create an article, blog post, an interesting infographic picture – all these things attract audience. Try to avoid posting duplicated content.
  • Find the appropriate time. If you have more than 1 post per day ready for your account, try not to publish it at once. Publish a post, then wait for an hour and publish another one.
  • Use hashtags. This is one of the most popular functions in social networks that allow you to spread your post to other users. If you want to mention other users in your post use “+” or “@” symbol followed by the person’s name.

By following these simple steps, you can create an effective and interesting Google Plus account that will promote your business!

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