Title and Meta Description for Optimized Website Pages

Proper SEO Title and Meta Description

How to Create a Right SEO Title

We use this template for all our websites

Key-Phrase (High Searches) | or - Key-Phrase (Sub Keywords with any Relevant Word) | or - Brand

Main Rules for Title

  1. You can use the symbol “|” only two times.
  2. You can change the symbol “|” into “-“
  3. Use only high searches key-phrase at the beginning of a title.
  4. Try to use all words from all key-phrases.
  5. Don’t Repeat the same key-phrases.
  6. Use only one variation of Brand writing.
  7. Use maximum 65-70 characters
  8. Use Google Keyword Planner understanding key searches

Samples of Bad Titles:

Rent a Car |1 Car Hire Dubai |2 Rent a Car in Dubai |3 Al Emad
Crane Company |1 Crane Rental Company |2 Heavy Equipment Rental |3 Al Faris Group
Best Hospital |1 Medical Clinic in Dubai |2 British Hospital |3 Dubai London Clinic

Samples Good Titles:

Rent a Car in Dubai – Cheap Car Hire Monthly – Al Emad
Crane Rental Dubai | Heavy Equipment Rental and Maintenance | Al Faris Group
Medical Center in Dubai | Best British Hospital | Dubai London Clinic

How to Create Right Meta Description for SEO

  1. Use maximum 130-140 characters.
  2. Use other key-phrases which you did not use in Title or use synonyms.
  3. Make unique Description. Use detailed information about products or services. One unique description for each page.
  4. Don’t use generic descriptions like “Page about rent a car service”.
  5. Don’t fill a description with only keywords.
  6. Don’t copy and paste the entire content of the page into the description
  7. Don’t repeat a title or part of a title.

The Sample of Bad Description:

If you want a car for rent in Dubai, head over to Al Emad as we have budget rent-a-cars that will suit your needs. We have a large fleet of vehicles and the process of car rental can be done online at the click of a button. For a long term, low-cost car hire in UAE, you can rely on us.
It's a very long and generic description. We don't see any detailed information about Al Emad.

The Sample of Good Description:

Car rental company located in JLT. More than 300 budget and luxury cars for rent from AED 1350 per month. Great deals, delivery and pick up for car hire in Dubai.

How to check Google Searches

1. Open https://ads.google.com/intl/en_ae/home/tools/keyword-planner/

2. Click to “Get search volume and forecasts”

Get Search Volume of Keywords

3. Add each keyword from a new line

Add Keyword to Keyword Planner

4. Sort by Impressions.

Keywords for SEO Title and Description

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