If You Haven't Received a Verification Code for Google Business Page

Google maps

In UAE, many companies use Geo tagging to increase their business awareness (i.e. adding their company or business information to Google maps). With its feature, it is much easier for Internet users to locate the city, the street and as well as the route leading to the company's office or store.
Geo targeting also plays an essential role in SEO. Therefore, BEONTOP recommends its clients to get online with Google My Business service. Your company's information will be recognized by Google Search, Google Earth, and all other Google applications. Besides, your company gets a Google+ page to be in connection with your customers. 

In order to verify a business page, you must enter a code which will be sent to you by Google, against the specified physical address. At this point, there are possibilities of uncertainties; as in most cases the verification code sent to regular mails by Google do not get to its recipients, and on the other hand, contacting Google’s technical support is also impossible. 

If you've registered your business page but the verification code hasn't arrived, for your convenience we have developed a step-by-step guide.

Google account

1. On the top-right corner of Google main page, click on a square “Google apps” button and open the apps menu. Then scroll down and click on “My Business”.

My business

2. At the top of your business page click on “Enter code” button.

Enter code

3. You will be directed to the page where you are to enter the code. Instead of entering it, scroll down the page and click “Need more help?”

Need more help?

4. The next page contains the list of possible problems concerning verification process.  Click on “Contact us” as indicated on the picture below.

Contact us

5. Subsequently, select “Verification” from the list.


6. Thereafter, select “Postcard hasn't arrived and I've waited more than two weeks".

Contact verification

On the last page you'll be asked to enter your contact details: either a phone number or email. You will be contacted either by call or via email for further inquiries and necessary information by Google’s technical support.

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