Mobile SEO in 2015

Website Optimised for Mobile devices In order to be successful in business you should take into account many things, such as the way that mobile SEO works and how it affects your business. If you already have a mobile strategy, then you are one step ahead of your opponents, but nevertheless check this article for some moments and pieces of advice, that could be taken into account in your further activity.

This is essential for those who are eager to expand their business and receive great profits from it. Accordingly to the information given by  eMarketer in 2015 the mobile searches will already exceed desktop ones that are why mobile optimization strategy should be your priority in the near future.

Mobile SEO Strategy for 2015

For those who are not familiar with the issue, we highly recommend visiting this page in order to find all the necessary information about how to create a responsive web-design. Check your website in order to understand if it is convenient for smartphone and tablet users and configure the CMS.

Once you understood all this moments you can start the process of mobile optimization. You can use this information in order to find out if you are using the actual ways of mobile optimization.

To-do List

  • Mobile SearchA/B tests. This is essential if you are creating a landing page. If it looks great for you that does not mean there will be a  high chance visitors will be happy with.
  • Keywords. This is the thing that should be taken into consideration. Mobile content in this way is quite similar to desktop one, so don’t forget to use them during the process of mobile SEO.
  • Focus on your audience. You should publish more local-oriented content in order to get better feedback from the target audience.
  • Remember how mobile works. Mobile users use their devices for web-search when they are not at home or in a hurry. Placing a big button that offers a “Call now” service in the mobile version of your website will make it easier for visitors to order your services or find out any information about them.
  • Page loading speed optimization. This moment can be analyzed and optimized with the help of PageSpeed Insights tool.
  • The distance between links should be more than 28 pixels if you want them to be easily accessible for mobile device users.

Double Check This

  • Redirects. Make sure that all of them work fine and mobile-device users are always redirected to the mobile version of your website when they are trying to access it.
  • XML sitemap. Google Webmaster tools offer you the possibility to check it easily so you should use this option to ensure that the desktop version of your website is separate from mobile one.
  • Crawling ability. To be sure that your website is optimized correctly you can use the special option, offered by the Google Webmaster tools. To use it – click “smartphone” button and you will see all possible problems.
  • See for yourself. Try to check out how your website looks on different platforms, like iOS, Windows, and Android. Also, try different mobile browsers.
  • Offer same services. All the information, represented in the desktop version of your website, should be similar to one, shown in the mobile version.

Extra Moments

  • Give users the right to choose. There should be an option, which offers users the opportunity to choose between the mobile and the desktop versions.
  • You should be sure that the videos, that appear on the website, correctly response to different screen resolutions.
  • Create a schema markup. This will help the search system to give users more information about your website.

In 2015, you should understand that the sphere of mobile SEO today is equal to the desktop one. This is why you should do everything possible to create a good and well-optimized mobile version of your website.

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