What is Hummingbird Algorithm?

SEO is a marketing tool that is gaining popularity in the UAE, especially in Dubai, but this SEO marketing tool depends on certain algorithms. One of these algorithms is Hummingbird.

What exactly is a search algorithm?
A search algorithm is basically a formula or a methodology which enables a search engine to sift through millions of webs content present on the internet and provide the best possible answers to your queries.

What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm

What may be Google Hummingbird?
Google’s new algorithm update is a search algorithm that Google uses in order to provide you efficient and precise results, and was officially launched on 26th September 2013, Google’s 15th anniversary.

It is considered to be an important and major update since Google’s inception. It is unique in many ways that help facilitate the consumers.

How does Hummingbird works?

What is exactly Hummingbird Algorithm do

What is exactly Hummingbird Algorithm do?
It takes in your keywords for a particular search and would find the most relevant, good quality content from the infinite amount of data available over the internet. The latest update by Google has improved the searches and made them more user friendly by accepting keywords written in a more conversational tone.

Why is it called Hummingbird

Why is it called Hummingbird?
The hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world, but is very fast at flying and is precise when it comes to feeding on the nectar of the flowers; its needle-like beak finds the center of each flower with utmost precision. Google’s new algorithm is named in reference to traits of being fast and precise in its working.

When did this Algorithm Start

When did this Algorithm Start?
Google did almost little or no upgrades since its inception, hence when it announced the update on 30th August 2013, it came as a surprise to everyone. It was launched on 26th of September the same year on Google’s anniversary and it was considered to take up the Google experience to a whole new level.

When’s the last time Google Replace Its Algorithm

When’s the last time Google Replace Its Algorithm?
Google’s algorithm was re-written several times, and there were minor changes that did little to improve the search engine results. Google never had its algorithm replaced before the launch of the Hummingbird in 2013. Hence, this was considered to be a big step towards maintaining the search algorithms.

What sanction You Will Get if you Hit by HB

What sanction You Will Get if you Hit by HB?
If you get hit by Hummingbird upon compliance issues in your wish to gain top search positions the algorithm would simply lose its ranks. It would be a straight fall and would continue to lose the traffic on your page as well as your ranking in Google searches.

This Algorithm Has Not Killed SEO

With the launch of Hummingbird, there were many concerns raised about the conventional SEO practices and it was considered to be an outdated practice, but representatives from Google ensured everyone that SEO still functions the same. Instead better results could only be achieved if efforts were put in to making a well-rounded, indulging content with proper usage of keywords, rather than throwing them in randomly and scattered over, losing the quality of the article. This would not only increase the search ranking, but would also help the customers to genuinely gain interest in their products.

The Future Of SEO After HB

The future of SEO is bright as Google strives constantly to provide the users with the best quality web pages; hence enforcing the marketers to develop well-thought and well-versed content that provides quality and readability for its readers.

How to Recover From this Algorithm

Providing the customers quality content is how we could ensure that our SEO is working. The more useful information the content has, the more chances are that Google Hummingbird would categorize your content to the top search ranking. Moreover, focusing on building relationships with customers on your webpages is an approach which is never outdated.

Content Marketing In Hummingbird Way

Content marketing with Google’s new algorithm has taken an interesting twist with its all new algorithm to search the best results out for the users. Hence if you want your content to be one of the top most searched results, you have to design your content as per the customer’s thought process. You could do narrow it in following simple steps:

  • Start with a broad keyword range

    Start with a broad keyword range

  • Narrow it down by putting in comparison in your content

    Narrow it down by putting in comparison in your content

  • Bring your content down for encouraging the customer to buy

    Bring your content down for encouraging the customer to buy

  • help the customer and provide them services for future businesses

    Next, add in how you could further help the customer and provide them services for future businesses

There has been a huge trend of SEO marketing being noticed in the UAE region recently.

What Has & Has Not Changed: What You Need To Do

A closer inspection of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm shows that all you need is to finesse our SEO techniques to ensure a successful SEO campaign.


Technical Site Features
The technical aspects of your webpages, such as user-friendly interface, its accessibility through all devices, and it’s over all engaging structure may enhance SEO rankings for your webpage.


On-Page Elements
You may unbelievably increase your SEO rankings up to 45% by only improving and focusing on basic elements like tags, URLs, Title tags and descriptions.

What You Need To Do

Content Make sure that your content is of top quality, interesting and attractive to the customers. It should be relevant to the audience, and at the same time, should contain useful information that improves your search result standing.

What You Need To Do
What You Need To Do

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

Post Natural Content
Help your visitor to understand what your product is all about; making it complex and unnatural would lose both your customers and SEO standings.

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

Use Page URLs Like Website Signage
Format your URLs in a way that allows your customer to understand the purpose of your web page. Using URLs with unspecified text and special characters loses your SEO strength.

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

Keep Site Bounces at Bay with Accurate Title Tags
Make sure your title tags and Meta tags are not misguiding and state exactly what your page is all about. Using vague statements and text will only decrease the chances for your page to be in the top search.

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

Make Your Site Architecture Easy
Navigation and design of your webpage must be consumer friendly. This means designing your website in such a way that it is easier for the crawlers to find and index your content.

How to be Hummingbird Friendly

Embrace the Mobile Web
Web pages supporting accessibility to your gadgets and cell phones are a huge positive. Designing your website that is mobile responsive enables your audience to reach you with much convenience.

Author: Vadim Yudin is a professional Digital Marketing expert at Beontop and Darvin Studio. He drove hundreds of sites to the first page of search engines.
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