Advantages of Adaptive Design

Are you inline with modern trends and do you want your website to go with the current times? Thanks to adaptive designs, your site will be updated and this will indeed increase your rankings in the search engine. Either with the use of a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, your website will appear very appealing.

The Rapid Growth of Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices marketing have grown extremely in recent years. For the first time in history in 2010, smartphone sales overtook the sales of laptops and PCs. Access to smartphone internet tremendously led to an increased volume in mobile traffic.

What is Adaptive Design

Adaptive Website DesignAdaptive design involves creating the unified fluid website layout, which will support almost any device. The webpages adapts to any screen size, thereby retaining the excellent look. The content of the site will be dynamically changed by increasing or decreasing the size of the browser window.

What is the Difference between Mobile Version of the Site and Adaptive Design?

Although the use of mobile version of the site isn’t forbidden, but it is deliberately developed for specific types of devices. As a rule, mobile version of the site has different structure and sometimes even different content, and the use of the third-level domain leads to “double” pages that can have a negative impact on Search Engine Optimization.

Adaptive design of the site has a full range of advantages. Adaptive design practically provides support for any device. There's really no need for the use of third-level domain, because the Uniform Recourse Locator (URL) is used. The whole functionality of the website remains the same: i.e. all the sections and the content. Sites with such a design automatically adapts to the size of the browser window.

Adaptive DesignGoogle Recommendations

The Google Company, a legislator in the search engine and search engine optimization marketing, strongly recommends the use of adaptive layout when creating sites. The content of a website should have the same look, no matter the devices used to get access to the Internet. Consequently, sites with adaptive design will have higher rankings in the mobile search.

Increase of Conversion Using Adaptive Design

It is easy to assess the advantages of adaptive design from the business point of view. Websites with such a design increase the conversion several times among owners of mobile devices, which therefore leads to an increase in sales of goods or services via the Internet!

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