SEO Case Study for Sunergy Solar

Brief Background

Sunergy Solar came to us with a very low-quality website and they wanted to increase their business leads on 3 Oct 2016, with zero percentage of keywords on Google.

Keyword Research from Google Keyword Planner

After analyzing the business, we have developed the good potential list of keywords which is relevant to their business niche.

Technical SEO Audit

Less website load time
Less website load time
5.6 MB and 3.69 seconds
No mobile-friendly website
Mobile-friendly website
We developed a mobile responsive design
>Distracting elements
Distracting elements
Irrelevant buttons Text & Structures
Unappealing, confusing and outdated design
Redevelopment of the website with clean code
Broken URLs
Broken URLs
(only bad if they have link equity) Found 30+ 404 status errors
Redirect chains
Redirect chains
Found 30+ 301 and 302 status errors. We rectified these errors by setting up a 301 redirect via htaccess
Duplicate content
Duplicate content & Links
We found and corrected duplicate pages and links
Less content
Less content
We deleted pages empty pages
Ineffective internal linking
HTML Validation
We found 17 errors and 1 warning in HTML code validation
Domain Redirection
Domain Redirection
Redirection was not working from www to without www
Number of Indexed pages
It was already targeted to UAE region because of domain .ae TLD
Meta tag fields
Meta tag fields
We didn’t have options to update meta tags in this CMS. We have created tags ourself.
We found more than 50 pages without H1
This website didn’t have the robots.txt file. We created as per our requirements
They didn’t have a sitemap file. We generated sitemap by using SEO Screaming Frog

After performing the audit, we were happy to see that the client did not suffer from these issues.

  • Their website loads around 2 seconds.
  • They have a mobile-friendly website.
  • They have a clean and modern design.
  • They only had a few 404 pages and broken links.
  • They have registered business page on Google.
  • All pages have one H1 tag
  • This website has Human-Readable URLs.
SEO Strategy We Apply
Content Driven Strategy
Content Driven Strategy

We have created some groups of the keywords and targeted those group to the relevant pages.

  • Write SEO Optimized Meta Title
  • Write SEO Optimized Meta Description
  • Competitor Content Structure Analysis
  • Write SEO Optimized Content for that page & add Alt Text in images
  • Interlinking the web pages to the optimized pages
  • Blog writing to Create Awareness & interlink them
  • Monthly Content Generation
  • 5 Monthly New Pages with unique content regarding solar panels and interlink those
Non-Content Driven Strategy
  • Relevant Business Backlinking = 30 + contextual backlinks on relevant blogs
  • Business Directories Registration = 50+ citations on the best directories in UAE
  • Social Media & Google Business Page
  • Google Webmaster & Analytics Setup
  • Inquiry form on every optimized page
After Applying these changes, we achieved the results from 0% percentage to 81%

Comparison of Google Analytic

Analytic report of 1st month
Analytic report of year 2017

Comparison of Keyword Position

Comparison of Keyword Position

Keyword Position in

Author: Vadim Yudin is a professional Digital Marketing expert at Beontop and Darvin Studio. He drove hundreds of sites to the first page of search engines.
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