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22.10.2021 – Case Study

Learn how we implemented the basic and white hat SEO strategies to increase organic SEO traffic by 100%. This case study entails screenshots, key findings and highlights on how we achieved this for a B2B client.

30.09.2021 17 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Promoting on Instagram

Business promotion entails a wide range of activities, including but not limited to influencer targeting and placement. That being said, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration. This way you will reach your target audience. Click to know how.

13.09.2021 Google Link Update: What's Going To Change For SEO In UAE

Discover all that you need to know about the Google link update. Our in-depth guide throws light on all the changes that SEO is going to experience in UAE. Find out how they’ll fight link spam and also understand what’s new for SEO optimizers in UAE.

14.01.2019 How to Write Title and Meta Description for SEO

BeOnTop's practical guide about the creation of Title and Meta Description for Search Engine Optimization.

21.02.2018 SEO Case Study for Sunergy Solar

Case study about success SEO techniques which helped to achieve 88% of keywords on the 1st page on Google.

28.08.2017 How to Get and Check List of Indexed URLs on Google

We share our useful SEO case about getting a list of indexed paged on Google in 5-10 mins.

12.04.2017 Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is one of the many steps undertaken by professionals working in the field of Search Engine Optimization, and it's supplemented by several tools available online. 

11.12.2016 Plagiarism Content Checker for SEO

Create unique text & articles without any hassle for your website & check the plagiarism from free content checker tools available online. 

08.08.2016 Setting up a 301 redirect via htaccess

When you are doing SEO, basic mistakes arise from page duplications. 301 redirect helps to solve these problems. In our company, we're setting up direct access through .htaccess file.

03.03.2016 How to avoid mistakes when forming URLs

When creating a website you should pay your attention to a wide range of details. One of them is correct fromation of URLs, which is extremely important. We will give you all the necessary information to avoid common mistakes.

28.02.2016 10 Tips to Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Tips to promise your business powerful brand success, ensuring your company is targetting the right audience and building strong brand recognition. Promising solutions to help your brand build a reliable, strong markeing strategy. 

19.08.2015 Advantages of Adaptive Design

Are you inline with modern trends and do you want your website to go with the current times? Thanks to adaptive designs, your site will be updated and this will indeed increase your rankings in the search engine. Either with the use of a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, your website will appear very appealing.

19.08.2015 Webpage Optimization in Detail

To optimize a webpage for the search engines means to get it searched, seen and approved by the SERPs. A webpage optimization is also necessary for the public, because it is easier to find information on the page that is divided into titles, paragraphs and where the most important thoughts and ideas are marked in bold print than to look for the information on the webpage with a continuous text.

19.08.2015 Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags contain information about the webpage and its description for the search engines. They play an important role in the process of website promotion. This is why it is important to optimize them correctly.

24.06.2015 Lists of 5 SEO Tools to Use in Addition to Google Systematic Analysis of Data

5 top lists of tools aside Google Analytics which can be of great importance in checking or viewing the big picture efforts of your website SEO.

23.06.2015 If You Haven't Received a Verification Code for Google Business Page

You've registered your business page but the verification code sent to regular mails by Google do not get you? Here you can find a step-by-step guide to exact actions to be undertaken to get the code. 

16.06.2015 How Google Search Engine Works

You still don't know how Google works? Let us tell you about it!

16.06.2015 How To Avoid Duplicate Content

Today you will find out how to detect and avoid duplicate content on your website.

10.06.2015 Characteristics of a Unique Backlink

From this article you will know how to determine a really good SEO backlink.

19.05.2015 SEO Forums You Should Visit

A few tips for those, who are looking for a good SEO forum to start with.

07.04.2015 Choosing the Right Social Media

Social Media Marketing is important for your company! This article is devoted to the question of choosing the right social network for the promotion of your services.

07.04.2015 Blogging in a Right Way

If you don't know how often you should add new posts to your freshly started blog - check out this article!

18.03.2015 Creating a Working About Us Page

Some pro-tips for those, who want to create effective websites.

18.03.2015 How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Business

How Google Plus can be used to promote your Business.

18.03.2015 How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

How to create well optimised blog posts for your website.

02.03.2015 How to attract visitors on the website

You company is making loss and you don't know what to do? Here, we will explain you in details how to promote your company on a website and to bring more customers.

25.02.2015 Hashtags in Social Networks

Have you ever heard about hashtag or are you interested to learn more about the proper use of a hashtag?
Here in our article we have given a full explanation, why where and when hashtag is used, for you to understand better and also many examples are given.

19.02.2015 When You Should Order SEO Services

Do you really need website optimization services right now? Let's find it out together!

19.02.2015 Mobile SEO in 2015

Why you should take mobile SEO into consideration in 2015.

17.09.2014 Parent Talk
21.06.2014 What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

A Hummingbird is an algorithm by Google which defines the changes in the SEO Strategy.